Design Services

Step 1: Survey & Quiz

To get started with your new online interior designer, you will need to fill out the Design Survey, to ensure we know exactly what type of service will fit your needs. This will also help the designers determine if your chosen package will be enough or if you should go for a bigger package. With the design survey we ask you 10 questions regarding your design project needs, which room, how big is it, what you need help with in your design service.

Next you will be prompted to take the interior Design Style Quiz, where you will be asked 8 questions, about hobbies, dream home, and color schemes, to determine your interests. This quiz gives us insight into what you’re drawn to, what type of personality you have and how that impacts your overall design aesthetic. For the instant download package (coming soon), you will receive a prompting at the end of the quiz to purchase your instant download, which will be emailed to you. 

Once we have your style quiz results and design survey filled out, we will reply to your email on file and ask that you send us photos of your space to, along with a sketch of your room.

Step 2: Choose Package

We offer 4 design packages ranging in services, from beginner to expert levels of involvement. The Instant Download package is as basic as it gets. If you have a strong sense of your design style, and want to receive your design right away, this option is for you. The next level is The DIY Starter Package if you just want to switch up your look for the season, try a few new design accessory styles, or just change up your look on a DIY budget. The third package is the Deluxe Package which is reasonably priced, comes with a couple extra perks and helps you get a better grasp on the project & concept. Our Design VIP Package is top notch service without the costly top notch pricing, we offer more one on one time with you, as well as more in-depth information about your project. This is for our clients who need a little more guidance and support throughout the process.

Step 3: Design

Once we receive payment and you have received confirmation we will get started on your specialized design. Design is like shopping there is no true one size fits all, we believe this through and through. Nobody wants the look that everyone else has and we want to help you find what’s unique about you and how you can interpret that in your space. Within 48 business hours you will have your mood boards to get you started and nail down the look and feel for your space. With your confirmation on “the look” we will space plan and pick the pieces for you, based on your needs, we may ask that you send us more specific information IE: your space dimensions and sizes from you, a contractor, or architect, pictures of pieces you are planning on keeping and anything else related to your design that we might need or that you think will help us.

Step 4: Shop

Once you are settled on your look we will send you a private password and login to your personalized shopping cart where you can pick and pay for your items directly with us. This way you can purchase on your time, slowly, or all at once by just checking out. 

Step 5: Delivery

After placing an order with us we will confirm the delivery and installation details with you. Whether you would like the white glove delivery, or you are comfortable putting it together for yourself. Just let us know and we will help you make the appropriate arrangements.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now that you’ve ordered your pieces, and you’re ready to install, follow the plans and drawings you received from your designer to place and “Install” the pieces. Something you’re struggling to find the right place for? Don’t worry about it, send us an email and our customer care will help you navigate your plans.

Let’s get started! Our designers are anxious to help you fall in love with your home.

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