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Can I share photos of my design on social media?

Absolutely! We are more than happy for you and your completed design, we just ask that you tag us in the photo as to give proper attribution to our designers. You can see our social accounts below as well as by clicking the social buttons in the header.

I am not in your time zone, how does the phone consultation work?

All times slots are in Pacific Standard Time and we understand that our loyal customers on the east coast run on a different time schedule than us, we are willing to accommodate special time related requests we just ask that you email us ahead of time to ensure that we will have a team member ready to assist you.

I found the products in my car on another website for less.

We understand that several retailers will sell similar products and sometimes at a much lower price, however we shop with our trusted retailers and are do not offer a price match guarantee.

I don’t know how to take the dimensions of my space.

This happens, we get it. If you are unable to measure your space, depending on your location we may have someone local that can come to your site and measure at an additional fee. Please contact us at hello@ds2living.com and one of our team members will coordinate the details with you.

Do I need to purchase a project package to fill out the design survey or design style quiz?

Absolutely not! Although we would love to assist you on your next project, filling out the survey and taking the quiz are just tools we use to help gather information for future customers and their plans to initiate a design. If you are just checking us out, we encourage you to take the survey anyways to get clear on the things you might need to know when you get ready to start a design project.

The product in my suggested shopping cart is out of stock.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience unfortunately sometimes our retailer’s systems aren’t always up to date with stock, it happens. Please contact your designer and we will be more than happy to suggest a substitute piece or find out in further detail when you can expect the stock to be back. Thank you for your patience.

Can you recommend any good contractors, architects, etc. in my area?

We are working on building our rep network and are always willing to assist our clients in finding the perfect contractor fit, if you need a recommendation for a painter, art installer, wallpaper hanger, etc. let us know and we are more than happy to get one of awesome reps in touch with you.

How do I send you product samples? I am a sales rep for a design co.

We love sharing new products with our customers, and are always on the lookout for the newest product on the market, if you have any product samples you wish to send us, please send us an email at hello@ds2living.com, and we will get you the mailing address for our studio. Thanks!

How do I purchase a gift certificate for a family member or friend?

There is nothing like the gift of great design, and we commend you on your excellent gift choices, for gift certificates we ask that you email us directly at hello@ds2living.com and we can set up a specialized account credit & email certificate for credit.

I no longer want my custom chair.

Custom designs have a 5-6 week lead time which may vary per piece, and unfortunately all custom designs are final sale that require a sign off and approval prior to order, once approved the piece is hand constructed here in Los Angeles and shipped directly to you.

Can I purchase a custom designed piece with a different package?

Currently custom designs are only included in the Designer VIP package, if you would like to have a piece custom made, it will be at an additional cost, and will potentially drag out the time frame of delivery and design. For custom designs please email us at hello@ds2living.com, Thanks!

The style quiz doesn’t fit my personal taste.

Like most “style” quizzes, it won’t always be accurate, but in the case you feel you got the wrong style let us know so we can improve the quiz to better understand our clients and customer’s needs. The quiz helps us understand you a little more, but you may find you’re more of a combination of 2 or 3 styles, that’s fine we just need to get a starting point.

Do I get another design if my initial mood board is not the look I want?

All the packages include 2 initial looks, which we will build the design off of, if you are not satisfied with either look, then we will have to charge you an additional $50 fee to produce 1 new mood board design. Customer service comes first, please contact us directly if you are unsure about the direction of your design.

How do I know when my design is ready?

Depending on when your payment was processed, your initial design mood board & Color scheme design should be ready in 2 business days. Our hours are listed below and on the contact page.

How do I use my “Store Credit”?

With the purchase of the Designer Deluxe and VIP packages, they both include a store credit that is applied to your purchase of the goods, you will see at checkout a discount applied to the total purchase, restrictions apply, you must spend at least $250 on your shopping cart before tax and shipping in order to get a $50 discount or $400 to get the $75 discount. Unfortunately we are not, holding store credits for later use and they are non-transferrable. The discount applies to your personalized shopping cart and must be redeemed within 1 month of finalized design cart, unless special accommodations have been made.

Why can’t I see the shopping cart without logging in?

Each shopping cart is personalized, and we currently only sell to our clients and customers. If you wish to purchase from us and haven’t previously purchased a design package please contact us at hello@ds2living.com for more information.

I already have a contractor and architect, can you still help me?

Absolutely! We will work with you and your team in order to get your design handled. However, this is service is by special request and we ask that you contact us directly at hello@ds2living.com in order to get a specialized quote, info, etc.

I don’t want my project featured on the website.

Occasionally, our design team will want to share photos of their client’s finished spaces. We understand some people may not want that information out there, if we have posted a photo of your space on the internet, we ask that you send us an email at hello@ds2living.com so that we can promptly remove the photo. Thank you.

How do I find out more about your charity of the quarter?

We are currently researching local and international charities that we are contributing to for the following year and as soon as we have a chosen organization of the quarter we will be sharing a media post about the organization and how we will be helping. Please subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about our latest project news, and involvement.

Are you a non-profit or for profit company?

We are absolutely for-profit, however we realize the need for help and giving to the less fortunate really encourages us to keep doing what we love, while making a positive influence for change in the world.

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