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DS2 Living is an online interior design firm started in Los Angeles after founder, Sarah Jacobson, recognized how unattainable quality design was for the general public. Inspired by the power of modern technology and her dream of providing brilliant design at an affordable price, she created DS2 Living.

Online interior design centered around your daily grind.

It starts with a short phone call or email, and ends with a fully developed digital design concept delivered to your inbox. We help people tackle daunting design projects. From kitchen remodels and living room updates, to complete home office makeovers, we have the capacity and skill to get the job done. Whether you have an eye for modern design or are drawn to the intricate details that make up a more traditional look, we identify what gets your design gears going. Learn more here.

Our Mission

DS2 Living doesn’t just want to share our design passions, we want our services to reach others around the world. That is why our mission is not only to deliver awesome design but to do our part in assisting the less fortunate. We are donating 5% of all profits to a new charity each quarter, contributing the money to organizations that are helping fund schools, build hospitals, and construct housing developments around the world. Life is about living your passion, and by supporting local and international organizations we can help others live out theirs.

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