Visual Musings: Boho Inspiration

Boho. The style that is all the rage right now in fashion, interiors, and lifestyle. We are totally on the boho inspiration train too, as the DS2 aesthetic is very inspired by bohemian elements. For today’s visual musing we’re gonna take a look at these gorgeous gypsy inspired styles. But first, let’s discuss: where did “boho” come from, anyways?

Bohemian by today’s definition is used to describe carefree people who live unconventional & artistic lives. “The original “Bohemians” were travellers or refugees from central Europe.” The style originated from the gypsy lifestyle, travelling and exploring cultures. It has since filtered through the 1960’s flower power movement to the current carefree coachella mentality and “boho-chic” decor. We see this in homes, on pinterest, and in magazines all over our lives.

In the home, a boho style always aims to be carefree, laid back, and full of culture. A connection with nature is very important when thinking about bohemian decor; and the use of impactful textures, raw elements, and intricate decoration are critical boho characteristics. We like to think of texture as the “color” of the boho aesthetic. An absence of color is anything but boring when paired with earthy wood grains and ornate patterns.

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If you are curious if this boho inspired style fits you, take our free style quizHaven’t gotten enough visual musings? Check out our last post, all about fresh botanicals, aligning with the natural, earth tone vibes of this digital mood board.

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