Design Trends: MAXED OUT

Alright, alright. Times up. I’ve gotten to write all about my precious neutral tones and clean lines for long enough. As troubled as I am to admit it– there have been a number of wildly interesting maximalism trends arising as we enter spring 2018.

But first: What is maximalism?


In short: it is the counter-fashion to minimalism.
Minimalist design styles argue “less is more”; whereas with maximalism, more is most definitely more.
Instead of paring down statements within a space to streamline a message, maximalism loudly shouts the inhabitant’s personality and passions.

But that doesn’t mean just loading decor into a space willy-nilly and calling it done! Maximalist interior design schemes often follow stylistic storylines which ensure that message remains clear and cohesive. But how do you decide what that statement should reflect? Here are a few trending maximalist design schemes that speak volumes with pristine diction.

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Vintage Eclectic Maximalism

Eclectic maximalism has a comfortable kitsch that makes is a homey choice for the antique-efficinado and vintage stylist alike. Taking inspiration from yesteryear trends, eclectic maximalism is often saturated with comedic icons that speak volumes of the homeowner’s personality and overall character. This is a style for the daring collector, for those comfortable walking the thin line that divides “grandma house” from a “vintage-pop chic”.

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Boho Maximalism

Eclectic maximalism has a rustic vibe and shop-collector charm inspired by dusty, desert swap meets and leather fringe. With a mix of southwestern style and moments of seventies throw-back, boho maximalism is a fun way of going retro without going gaudy. Spaces decked in boho maximalist decor are vivid and textured, often nodding to exotic and native cultures with traditional patterns or design motifs. This is a style for the laid-back-and-lazy, those who are happiest among macrame and recklessly tussled hair.

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French/Victorian Maximalism

What is maximalism but an expression of wealth and stature? French/Victorian maximalist designs take an inspiration from the aristocratic societies of the Old World and bring them into the new. The French/Victorian maximalist often holds a passion and respect for its cultural roots– but also isn’t afraid to flaunt the historically upper-class fashion with rich, intricate details and sophisticated art pieces.

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