Visual Musing: Tastefully Terracotta

New year, new trends.
As January 2018 pulls to a close, we can’t help but notice one design concept sneaking its way onto our watchlist: Terra cotta.

Keep in mind– this isn’t your average 1980’s polished tile backsplashes and countertops. The terra cotta of 2018 is more than potted posies and cliche’ cantina floors.
After years of ongoing preference toward cool, sleek, minimalistic designsРterra cotta is a surprising, though clever contender. With the recent popularity of southwestern, boho and eclectic vintage styles, terra cotta provides a warm contrast with dusty-matte textures and rustic charm.

With a history as old as literal dirt, we’re excited to see this textured tone come to life in new, refreshing forms.
This week, we draw a careful eye to tasteful terra cotta.

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