Visual Musing: A Breath of Fresh Botanical

Its no question: 2017 was the year of the succulent. 
With its ease of care and wide array of varieties to choose from, it’s no wonder this desertscape imp creeped its way onto our windowsills and workspaces alike.

But it seems as though in 2018, we will be graduating to the next level of houseplant care.
The lush botantical trend has slowly trellis-ed its way into our hearts and homes, sprouting leafy semi-tropical plant varieties alongside our beloved echeverias and trusty aloes.

With vivid colorations and winding vines, deep botanicals bring a breath of fresh air into old spaces–
and we mean that quite literally!
Their deep green pigmentation and broad leaves not only provide high visual impact, but cleanse the air and create an oxygen-rich environment for their loving hosts– YOU!

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