Why you need to stop hating wallpaper

Okay people I know what you’re thinking..wallpaper can’t possibly be cool – but I’m here to tell you, IT’S BACK. Wallpaper is back in style and we’re not mad about it.

Before you go jumping to conclusions that it’s “dated”, “old fashioned” or even “tacky”, just give me some time to convince you. Wallpaper has come a long way from the 1700’s, when the methods were hand painting, wood-blocking, and stencilling.  Today, wallpaper is designed either by hand and transferred digitally, or through computer software, and then printed directly to the roll on large machines. Read more about how wallpaper is manufactured here

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If you’re feeling a little bit curious about wallpaper, I’d say the best place for you to start is in your powder room or bathroom. The powder room is a PERFECT spot to test the water with a bold, modern wallpaper. It’s not a super prominent spot in the house that you have to stare at all the time, yet it still gets used enough to be seen. (Although I’d wager that it will become your favorite place in the house and you’ll want to stare at it everyday.)

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To me one of the most heartbreaking things is seeing design opportunities go to waste. Particularly, bathrooms. It’s like people put all this effort and money into the whole house but just let the bathroom slip away. I see this alot in commercial design as well. You’ll go into this super amazing restaurant, beautifully done and then the bathroom is like “…..” Straight out of a gas station in the middle of Mojave. It’s sad truly. (OK maybe not that bad but you get the point.)

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Your bathroom should complement the rest of your home and highlight your unique style. That’s one of the great things about wallpaper, there is literally SO MUCH out there. No matter what your style, there’s a wallpaper to illustrate it. From bold, eclectic patterns, to soft, muted florals, the world of wallpaper is sure to have something for you.

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There are many different types of wallpaper, even peel-and-stick, which is very easily removable. This works great if you’re renting a house, apartment, or condo. These modern wallpapers don’t have the toxic chemicals, like asbestos, that were a huge concern in older wallpaper – so you can have a worry-free small, or big, space that is beautiful and unique to your specific style.

Some of our favorite peel-and-stick shops are bohowalls, ThinkNoir , and floral apartments (All pictured below!)

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