Everything you need to know about the Fiddle Leaf

A super hot trend in design right now is the fiddle leaf tree, also known as the fiddle fig.

This beautiful plant is popular for good reason, and we’re breaking down everything from how to care for your fiddle fig,  to real vs. faux, and why it’s a great option to liven up your home.

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Fiddle Figs are perfect because they look amazing no matter what style you’re home is. Whether boho, modern, or anything in between, a fiddle fig can be styled in all directions. The large leaves and slender stem make it a great accent to all of your furniture and decor.

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Another beautiful thing about the fiddle fig is that it looks so good next to other greenery. Basically, every nursery needs a fiddle leaf tree. It’s like the tree you always want to invite to the party. They look good small and large, so you can find one to fit any space.

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So we know that fiddle figs are basically the best, now we need to make the tough decision: REAL or FAKE..?! Well I hate to break the news to you, but fiddle leaf trees are not for those with a black thumb. They are a little bit finicky, and without the perfect amount of sunlight and water, you will have a sad, dead, brown fiddle fig.

WAIT! Before you make any rash decisions, let’s go over CARE

Typically for Lighting, you should keep the tree in a bright, warm place, but avoid direct sunlight and hot beams, as it will sunburn the leaves.

Watering for your fiddle fig is the next step. A fiddle leaf is a tropically plant, so it needs decent water, however be careful not to OVERwater it. A good rule of thumb is to let the top layer of soil dry before watering again. I have found that in the SoCal heat, watering every other day works great.


Another care tip is that (whether real or fake) the large leaves of the tree can gather dust and water spot very easily. I would recommend cleaning the top of your leaves with a damp cloth to remove all of the dust that can gather.

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So here’s the GOOD news for those of us who don’t have the green thumb to keep a fiddle fig tree alive: not to worry! A fake fiddle leaf is the most realistic artificial plant ever! So if you don’t think you can handle the care of a real one, you can try this one or this one or even this little one in a vase 

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