Design Trend: Modern, Minimal, & Making a STATEMENT

Alright, it’s time to come clean. I’m a bit of a typography nerd– a bonafide font snob.

Yes, I do believe that Helvetica has changed the world; and no, I don’t find your use of comic sans ironic or funny.


That being said, I am incredibly stoked to see typeface decor trends making a more minimal turn recently. Does anyone remember those temporary vinyl wall stickers of yester-year? How about the following chalkboard craze?

Well my friends, I have good news!

Peel that “Life, Laugh, Love” sticker off the kitchen wall and sweep out the chalk dust for the last time- because text-based art is going in a far more functional direction.

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Using typography as art has been continually popular, but the practice has never had such pristine execution. With the popularization of minimalist design, text-art has been given new life. Classic, black-on-white signage keeps spaces modern, while still allowing for creativity within the space.

Its personal. Its adaptable.

Clean. Clear. Crisp.

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Perhaps my favorite part of this trend is it’s versatility.

Proportion control, framing choice and kerning allow designers to strategically select the volume of the piece within a space– allowing typography to stand out a room’s focal point, or quietly complement as a supplementary detail. These factors can tell a story, evoke emotion and provide day-to-day reminders of what the inhabitants of the space hold dear.

Typography can add a moment of playfulness, or uphold an air of professionalism, making it functional in nearly any space– no wonder it has gotten so popular!

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However, the minimalist typeface trend doesn’t stop at black text on white paper. This crisp aesthetic has branched into other decor compositions that are on serious trend at the moment.

From felt boards to light boxes, embroidery hoops to metal figures– this clean take on text is everywhere, and shows no sign of slowing down.

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And can I just say?

….I am not complaining.

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