Black Exteriors – 7 Reasons You Need To Paint Your House Black Right Now:

As if you need any more reason besides the fact that it’s GORGEOUS and sexy, today we’re breaking down why you should paint your home black. We are all about black exteriors these days, especially since one of our clients recently took the plunge. After seeing their home, we are even more on board with this stunning trend. If you’re not convinced just yet, keep reading for 7 reasons that black exteriors are the best exteriors.

1. It is the most sophisticated color. Black is considered the absence of all color, which is a fascinating concept within the design world. Where as white is all colors combined, when you remove the hues and light, black is the result. Black is a stunning foreground to anything that surrounds it. It is said that a first impression is made within seven seconds…A dramatic black exterior guarantees your home will make a lasting one. 

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2. It’s considered the go-to color for any special occasion. Limousines, tuxedos, and little black dresses prove just how elegant and breathtaking this color can be. Black is a statement color – it’s powerful, authoritative, and striking. With a black exterior, you won’t need much else to make your home stand out…It will speak for itself. 

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3. Black is beautiful and versatile, and therefore will pair perfectly with every color in your garden. Whether you choose to plant bright flowers or bold greenery, black will complement and highlight all types of exterior landscaping. Providing a picturesque backdrop for your plants and flower beds, we recommend using a mixture of colorful botanicals to make a statement!  

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4. A black home is super edgy. Many people are hesitant of using dark colors for their home in general, and most couldn’t fathom painting the entire house black, but with a black home, you’ll be sure to have the most jaw-dropping house in the neighborhood, wowing any passer-by. We bet all of your neighbors will wish that they did it first. 

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5. Black is modern. The essence of modernism is to break away from the norm and be unique. Modernism is oftentimes minimalistic, yet intriguing and awe-inspiring. Much like how modernism tends to be the absence of excessive detail and decor, black is the absence of color. A black exterior makes a statement – it will pull you in and leave you wanting more.

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6. A black exterior is sure to inspire creativity. How could you not constantly think outside the box when you have the most outside-the-box home in your neighborhood? In the design world, being different is always on trend. To have a show-stopping home will guarantee that the rest of your life is constantly filled with inspiration. 

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7. It is timeless. The color black has stood the test of time, proven by all of the things we’ve just described: Sexy, sophisticated, edgy, beautiful, inspiring. Black will never go out of style and will always be considered the most statement-worthy of all statement colors. Color trends come and go but black is truly classic.



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