The tiny yet fierce, sea urchins are taking over the design world. We see them everywhere now, especially in lighting and now table decor. If you’re like us you’re hesitant to jump on a design bandwagon before seeing where it’s headed, but I have to admit, something about these starburst shapes gave me instant design envy.

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One thing that I love about these urchins are how easy they are to work with. They are versatile and work in any size. If you aren’t sold on using them as a focal point in your home yet, introduce them in a small dose as a modern paper weight or coffee table decor. These tiny spiky spheres are sure to catch your guests attention and give you the modern twist you’ve been looking for in your home. You can even DIY them using a styrofoam ball, bamboo sticks, and gold spray paint. So cute! So Easy!

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If you’re daring enough, use the sea urchin in your dining room.They work great as a funky light fixture to add a gorgeous statement to the space. It is so versatility and works with both glamorous and eclectic styles. Don’t you just love them?!

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Or the easiest styling statement, standalone shelf decor. Just like using them as coffee table decor, throwing one up on a shelf is a great way to introduce a spunky modern element into your decor. Plus, you can use the same DIY here as I mentioned earlier (you can never go wrong with a good DIY).

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My personal favorite way to use the sea urchin is on a gallery wall. I love gallery walls because no two are the same. You can make them personal with photos of family and friends, yet it is still stylish and a great design element. A wall mounted sea urchin (or a few) is a great way to add a fun texture combo into your gallery wall.

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