Modern Mix Up: Flooring

One of the latest Pinterest trends that has totally caught our attention is the unique way of creating simple and edgy floor transitions. The essence of modernism is minimalistic yet unexpected and abstract. You can achieve the minimal aspect of a modern style with simple furniture, cabinetry, and accessories, which will let your flooring create the statement.  The bold transitioning floors complement the otherwise minimalist design and accentuate the organic tone. Installing a light colored tile next to a rich wood will create a stunning contrast. If you’re daring enough to try out this concept, these are a couple options that are sure to wow your guests.

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The flooring transitions that gradually shift from hardwood to geometric tile are a modern way to mix traditional styles with smooth contemporary finishes. This combination of styles in your interior will give you the opportunity to mix it up. Beautiful flooring completes a space, the same way a cute pair of shoes makes an outfit. These examples of tile and wood combos have completely inspired us to try them out on our next project.

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