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How do you get inspired? When it comes to creating something beautiful, often times getting started is the hardest part. Whether it comes to creating a unique and tasteful space, writing a blog post, or anything in between, I have a few tricks that always lead me to inspiration.

Maybe it’s the procrastinator in me, but it takes a good thirty minutes of pre-inspiration in order for me to be ready to accomplish anything. (okay, it’s definitely the procrastinator in me.) The first thing I will do is make sure that my work space is tidy and organized. This way, distractions are minimized.

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Arguably the most vital component to my inspirational procedure is having a cup of coffee in hand. Let’s be real, does this even need an explanation? Coffee is a must – it brings energy, productivity, and happiness. Along with this, the real key to coffee providing inspiration is not the coffee itself (although it is a necessary bonus), but it is the mug that the coffee is in. Having a cute, “insta-worthy” coffee cup will prepare you for your task ahead and begin the creative [process] in your mind.

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Lighting, lighting, lighting! You won’t believe the difference it makes when you’re in a room filled with lots of natural light. If it’s a nice day, ditch the desk completely and go create outside. Natural light will boost your energy, mood, and productivity.

It’s easy to get bogged down by the stress of getting a project done, but these quick tips are sure to boost your mood, and put you in gear for getting those tasks accomplished.

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