“Going Green” has inspired people to not only be more environmentally conscious but also live in the green, from bringing the outdoors in to incorporating shades of green throughout their decor. “Going Green” has never looked better. Summer is the season to brighten things up, whether you incorporate the brighter side of green or keep it calm with a more neutral scheme and deep shades of emerald, there are plenty of ways to work with this wonderful color. No matter what you identify your style as–glam, sophisticated, eclectic, or modern–this energizing color can work in any home or space.

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Green is great for any time of the year, no matter the shade. Through plants or paint, it works in any season. Typically people stick to the more neutral tones in their home, but if you’re daring enough green can compliment any neutral palette seamlessly, especially during spring and summer.

Not only is it a versatile enough color to compliment any style, it also blends well with all sorts of different decor styles. A few of our favorite compliments are marble, metals, and the always chic black and white. Shop the above look here.




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